Sneaky Greens began as one simple idea.

On her family farm in the Missouri Ozarks, Doris Johnson came up with an idea to "sneak" the goodness of kale into her loved ones' meals by blending fresh, quality, organic spices with nutrient-rich organic kale. It wasn't long before Doris and her daughter-in-law, Laura, turned a simple, homegrown idea into a full product line of everyday spices and blends.

Today, Sneaky Greens is available in retailers like Whole Foods and Amazon.

What We Believe In

Every single choice we make for our products is backed by the utmost care and thought, which is why we only use responsibly grown, ethically harvested ingredients. It's why we blend the Sneaky Greens products you hold in your hands ourselves. It's why Sneaky Greens will always be in our own kitchens.

Sneaky Greens' owners, Doris and Laura

Sneaky Greens' owners, Doris and Laura

Our Mission

By blending simple ingredients—fresh, quality spices and nutrient-rich kale—Sneaky Greens is on a mission to be a delicious and better-for-you alternative to your everyday spices.

Our Products

Spices and kale. Those are the only ingredients that go into every jar of Sneaky Greens. When used in place of your everyday spices, Sneaky Greens is a simple and delicious way to get more goodness into every bite. Best of all, Sneaky Greens’ fresh ingredients are:

  • Certified Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, irradiation, and anti-caking agents.

Got an inquiry?

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