A Letter To Our Customers

Dear beloved customers of Sneaky Greens,

We're very excited to announce a few changes coming very soon for Sneaky Greens. First, in a few short weeks, Sneaky Greens will be available for online purchase exclusively on Amazon, which means that you'll have access to faster and more economical shipping and FREE two day shipping if you have Amazon Prime. One of our biggest pain points has always been the cost of shipping our product. With Amazon Prime offering free two day shipping, we'll be able to get your favorite seasonings to you quicker and more affordably. You can't imagine how happy this makes us.

At the beginning of 2018, we took a hard look at what else we could do to lower costs and make it easier for everyone to have our healthy spices in their kitchen.  With some hard work and very selective sourcing, we are so excited to share that when our products are launched on Amazon, you will see a new reduced price.  Being able to offer our customers delicious, quality, organic products at a lower price point is a dream come true for us.

As we make this exciting transition to Amazon, we'll be simplifying our product line to include just your everyday essential Sneaky Greens spices:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt with Kale (shaker)
  • Organic Black Pepper with Kale (shaker)
  • Organic Garlic Powder with Kale (shaker)

That doesn't mean the other spices and seasoning blends that you've come to love are gone forever, but it does mean they will not be available for purchase on Amazon or store shelves for the foreseeable future. To our customers who love those blends, we sincerely thank you for your continued support and encourage you to pick up a few extras of your favorites either in our online store or at the Sneaky Greens seller nearest you (you can find a list of stores at the bottom of this letter) to hold you over until we are able to bring them back.

You'll still be able to find our existing product line at two Whole Foods locations in the Overland Park, Ks. area as well as at several participating Springfield grocery stores while supplies last.

What isn't changing—and won't ever change—is our commitment to you and to our mission of providing natural, organic products and better-for-you alternatives to your everyday spices. It's been our promise from day one, and it still is. 


Sneaky Greens

Find Sneaky Greens at these fine retailers:

  • Whole Foods Market (Kansas locations)
  • Mama Jean's Natural Market (All Springfield, MO. locations)
  • Ruby's Market (East Sunshine Ave., Springfield, MO.)
  • Price Cutter 
  • Breathe Deep (Kearney, MO.)
  • Intermission Cafe (Greenfield, MO.)
  • Greenfield Pharmacy (Greenfield, MO.)