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Making the Case for Organic Over Conventional

Happy Friday, friends! When's the last time you thought about the ingredient sources of your favorite kitchen products? It's an important thing to consider. Here's why.

At Sneaky Greens, we have a zero tolerance policy for any and all chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. They strip the soil of microbial activity, which plants need in order to soak up nutrients. If those nutrients don't make it into the plant, they definitely won't make it into your stomach. Plus, chemicals in the soil will become chemicals in your food; we can't in good conscience create a chemical product for you and your family to ingest. We wouldn't do it to our own families.

Since we can't grow everything that goes into our certified organic spices and seasonings, we're extremely strict about the herbs and spices we do purchase. Our garlic is certified organic and grown in the U.S.A., and we make it a point to seek out companies who offer fair trade items. If we could, we would make every aspect of Sneaky Greens a home-grown effort, but we settle for second best by working with companies and farmers who cherish the earth as much as we do. Now that's something to take comfort in next time you use our products to make your favorite meals.

With love from our family to yours,

Sneaky Greens